morron-can mole hunt.
2003-11-25 06:04:20 ET

Man I am goofy tired.
But tonight was alright.
There was a booth with the seat off of the box and so i crawled inside of it into the booth behind it and when some people got sat I crawled out with this crazy ancient fry and said really loud "found it" and the lady screamed.
it was mad funny, but I think she was kinda mad since i scared her. I love being easily amused, especially in public. haha.
aside that, i've talked to my sis. pretty rockin 2-3 hour convos we always have. i love that chick.
and there is a factor of me needin a coat, haha, they are in two different places and it is FREEZING
i can always use a new one

2003-11-25 11:11:25 ET

cool that you and your sis gets along pretty well :-)...

what kinda booth was this? (agrees public humor is the best)

2003-11-26 03:19:16 ET

yeah its pretty rockin. :)
it was a seating booth, for like 3 peeps to a seat kinda thing.
wait, did that make any sense? ah well. haha

2003-11-26 03:39:45 ET

not completely sure :::finger to chin:::...

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