Precious confusion
2003-11-28 09:46:55 ET

Ok so here is my theory,
or perhaps i'm reading too far into this,
I think: tits, get you somewhere.
I think mine, saved my job.
I think, the longer I look at this picture,
how incredibly unattractive flaws become.
I think, its kind of dumb for people to freak out about a retarded texan's visit to a foreign country.
I think, last night I drank way too much.
I think, people are smarter than I think,
and I think the music industry has gotten desperate for something other than tasteful.

This completes our broadcast, we will let you get back to your day.

i'm outtie 5000.

2003-11-28 09:53:39 ET

You have a great deal of insight. :D

2003-11-28 09:56:21 ET

Oh that's not all. This is a "simple" day because i have a migraine.
Thanks though.

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