Ey maw! theres maters growin in the gardeen!
2003-12-02 03:11:55 ET

Odd day.
Interesting twilight zone-esque night at work.
Now the peeps I work with think I am either #1. on drugs
or #2. completely whack.
but hey, if that helps get them off my back, I say hell yeah to completely random spout outs that make no sense what-so-ever.
I finally got my pictures developed, I had almost forgotten what was there.
I feel kinda sick.
work was mad slow.
i'm cold.
over and out.

2003-12-02 03:18:32 ET

hope you're not sick... O_o...

2003-12-02 07:14:38 ET

i hope i'm not too...
: /

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