2003-12-07 03:54:35 ET

I am in GA right now.
Tired, but aside that it was totally worth it to come here.
Hope all is well.
over and out.
the Z-ster
ps- Atlanta is not pretty.

2003-12-07 14:11:04 ET

the thing i liked about atlanta... was you can be weird... and it's like no one notices really... :::shrugs::: haha...
nothin' phazes 'em...

sept for i did get my picture takin' with this one family that kept callin' me mr. T hahaha :-)

2003-12-07 16:29:48 ET

haha, i kept getting stared at like I was satan or something. maybe its my hair?

mr t. says drink your drugs and don't do milk. :)

2003-12-07 20:02:49 ET

hahaha... that's weird... i didn't get any stares really... sept for a few people that were just on vacation...

i need to recheck your hair out... you do have a recent photo of what your hair looks like don't ya?

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