Rants, Zoe
2003-12-15 05:26:34 ET

My arms are painfully sore. But, my job is helping my muscles come back. crazy stuff.
Beer, I have noticed, now puts me to sleep.
Could it be that everything is doing the adverse effect again?
I need to stop being so dependant on caffiene and just deal with the pain there is of having to come out of the coma of sleep. But then coffee is just so damned good.
In a week or so (hopefully less) I will get my 8 other pairs of shoes and some coats I left in slow deatha.
I will be a smiling person then.
How in the hell is someone going to steal someones clothes.
Cheap mo-fos.
Even if I sleep only an hour, I feel i'm sleeping my life away.
An old friend is on the most wanted list.
And as life takes its toll...
My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.
Hope all is well.
Au revoir,

2003-12-15 05:49:42 ET

dont give up on the coffee! it's far too good!

2003-12-15 05:56:58 ET

haha, seriously so

2003-12-15 06:00:28 ET

alcohol always made me sleepy 2 O_o

2003-12-15 06:03:44 ET

it never did me until the beginning of this week. : /

2003-12-15 06:05:10 ET

tis weird :-\

2003-12-15 06:09:14 ET

and a sad thing considering im such a "lush"

2003-12-15 06:11:39 ET

what's a lush?

2003-12-15 07:57:20 ET

a drunkard

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