2003-12-18 08:04:50 ET

How remarkable it is to know that I have willpower.
Otherwise, I am sure i'd be hauled to every claustrophobics dream.
And i'd not have a job anymore.
For some reason people don't take it seriously when i warn them before hand, but oh well right?
Fair warning.
I've cooled off alot, but I am still, not going in tonight.
Fuck it.
I'd love to hear otherwise.

2003-12-18 19:20:31 ET

what'd ya say, what?

2003-12-18 19:21:09 ET


2003-12-18 19:23:27 ET


2003-12-18 19:24:30 ET

Why is it that you are angry?

2003-12-18 19:25:04 ET

why not?

2003-12-18 19:33:56 ET

There has to be a reason, you can't be angry just because.

2003-12-18 19:36:47 ET

a million reasons, one outlet

2003-12-18 19:37:55 ET

i have all night pete.

2003-12-18 19:39:36 ET

just lies, thats pretty much it. that sums all of it up "lies" thats the whole reason for my anger/angst/frustration/saddness

2003-12-18 19:43:45 ET

i get angry when someone lies too, but you have been in this mood thing for a bit now pete, if someone is going to lie to you, then they aren't really your friend, so you should drop them.
hence, you would feel better. there isnt any sense in being angry all the time, i have an anger problem and i'm not angry all the time. just find that thing that relaxes you.
i'm a dreamer, so there, is mine.
cheer up pete.

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