2003-12-23 23:47:20 ET

Life is an ever changing amazement.
And every time I seem to give up something happens,
or someone helps me out.
At times, I think it's pointless to have faith in humanity,
because there are all of these things that bother me,
and that affect how my day goes, because of people.
But now, I say what the hell, I, and only I control my emotions.
And I shouldn't let my anger get out of hand as much as it does.
It's a waste of time.
As depression is.
Because at first, I felt down, because i'm so far away from him,
and then, presto, a revelation.
And now everything is happy go lucky.
I like my job, according to census.
And everything is great, i'm not stressed.
It's one step at a time baby.
And then it's easy street.

I give my love to you all, and I hope that you have a great christmas.
And that's honesty.
Bonne nuit.

2003-12-23 23:52:14 ET

lol you should read some of my old entrys.

2003-12-23 23:55:47 ET

sounds similar?

2003-12-23 23:56:57 ET

A bit. lately they have been about love and why it sucks lol.

2003-12-23 23:58:08 ET

lol, before two weeks ago, thats what my rantings on livejournal were about.

2003-12-23 23:59:10 ET


2003-12-24 05:04:09 ET

merry christmas :-)

2003-12-24 12:54:38 ET

Merry Christmas! Life is not happiness without sadness, there is no love without hate, there is no anger without peace....just that you can feel all of these. We know and feel because of each that gives a distinctive moods that we acknowledged. Just keep on riding! Merry christmas.

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