2003-12-29 02:02:19 ET

It's the way to educate your eyes.
Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop.
Die knowing something.
You are not here long.

- Walker Evans

I don't think this needs an add on.

2003-12-30 00:38:42 ET

They say the eventual winner is the one who dies with the most information. I say, you should listen to more Sigur Ros.

2003-12-30 05:08:48 ET

Oh but that I do. That I do.

2003-12-30 12:43:41 ET

Listenting to an entire record straight through of theirs is the equivalent of good sex, dont cha know.

2003-12-30 15:39:18 ET

Of good sex and more than.

2003-12-30 15:41:55 ET

i like to find a good floor, and a good ceiling to lie under. and veg. while sigur ros is playing

2003-12-30 15:44:14 ET

Mmmm veg.
First time i found them, i was sitting on a balcony over looking this black ocean in florida at 2am. They just remind me of that time. A hopeful melancholy feeling.

2003-12-30 15:54:06 ET

first time i heard them, me and my sister were sitting at the table, drinking, and it came on this station that played massive attack and alot of trip-hop. after the beginning we were hooked.
at least i think thats the way it happened.
im a little spacey right now. haha

2003-12-30 15:56:52 ET

Spacy sounds like a close second to the hyper attentive coffee filled caffinated child brain attacks im having right now.
Do you listen to Air?

2003-12-30 16:00:01 ET

Air is rockin.
Your caffiene crazy reminds me of last night, well actually this morning at work, me and my friend make liquid crack (very black very thick coffee) and drank it like we were dehydrated in the desert and it was water. needless to say we were jumping off of the walls. and im sure at least one person thought we were on drugs. lol. i think thats why i woke up so late.

2003-12-30 16:04:15 ET

O shit, its so inhumane to treat my body like this. Good thing i keep it quiet with the promise of soon to come sleep. What a fool! The stuff i drank was like black syrup that shoots out the ear. Sugar death crack souless caffine.
Air-Playground Love is stuff of french gods.

2003-12-30 16:06:12 ET

yes i do love that song.
we got the cd shortly after we heard that, it is all worth repeating.
speaking of "Sugar death crack souless caffine." i need some so work can go smoothly again tonight.

2003-12-30 16:09:43 ET

Yes, some crack would be nice- i mean coffee, yes, coffee. A distant second. Lord, my sister just threw a duffle bag at me head.

2003-12-30 16:12:37 ET

lol, yeah, coffee.
they say crack kills.
that sounds like me and my sis, its either hugging, or slamming eachothers heads into walls or throwing heavy object at the face. lol. but i love the bastard. haha

2003-12-30 16:26:12 ET

AHhaa, in a fight to the death....
Me and her just had a slight battle just now. Me, ending up with my nose ring missing and my glasses hanging off my pony tail, her with covered in Sunny Delight. All quite a romp. I shall NEVA SURRENDAR!!!

2003-12-30 16:31:40 ET


2003-12-30 16:35:59 ET

My sister has something to say: "She thinks she won."

2003-12-30 16:37:39 ET

I think the sunny d drenched sis has lost.
maybe thats just me.

2003-12-30 22:55:40 ET

O no, like a pheonix from the ashes, she shall rise again in horrific spleador, complete with Vengence Mountain Dew.

2003-12-31 07:47:54 ET

lol, it always happens.

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