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2004-01-02 00:06:00 ET

Work was ok last night, I for the first time since I was hired, was the only not-angry person there.
I had to stay an hour late.
But, afterwards, I filled up the tank, and drove for a good hour. I found some places that changed my thoughts on texas not having any scenery.
I was alone, and I didn't feel guilty.
I listened to sigur ros the entire time, took some pictures, and for the first time in six months, not one thought came into my head.
And I was completely content.
I can't remember the last time. Aside almost a month ago.

I feel like disappearing for a month or two.
Just not tell anyone where i'm going, and be by myself.
I hardly get that time anymore.

But that never happens anyway. haha.
hope everyone had a good new year.
i'm out.

2004-01-02 01:25:07 ET

Do you want to marry me? No really, it'll be fun. Well drive about with nowhere to go except our imediate futures. What im saying is, i want to dissapear, ive voiced this too. Just get out for a while, straighten some things out, burn some things, and come back fresh, newborn. What you experienced with the contentment and Sigur Ros, well, its exactly what im searching for.
ill bring the camera and drinks.

2004-01-02 03:03:39 ET

yea the disappearing thing is quite nice... it helped me out a lot... when i did it :-)

2004-01-02 03:39:32 ET

haha, yes der. lets get married ;)
i haven't gotten to dissapear in a long time.
i think i'm due.
lets go!

2004-01-02 17:38:44 ET

Finally, enthusiasm!
We've got to trade in everytthing we own to get a dusty shit ladden pick up truck though.

2004-01-03 02:47:47 ET

i'm up for it.
but the question is, is are you serious? :P

2004-01-03 23:04:58 ET

Alas, i am a creature of flights of fancy. This is all in my head, where i am thelma, and you are louise. Better ending though. Never saw that movie come to think of it...

2004-01-04 01:33:38 ET

i am very spontanious,
sometimes I will pick up and go with no word to anyone except one of my sisters.
travel, has become my life.
new friends are always the excuse, aside the fact that im trying to find tha one place. where everything i've ever done doesnt matter because all is new.

haha thats a good comparison.
but i am always up for a road trip.
its one of my better qualities.

2004-01-04 11:05:47 ET

yea... the thelma and louise ending may not be the best idea... of course y'all aren't plannin' on murdering anyone before y'all leave are ya?

2004-01-04 20:33:32 ET

All depends on who gets in our way.

Part of the appeal of going out on your own is the disassociation with what lays behind you. I went out for a walk at around 11pm in the neighborhood, just left without telling the Family. Much better than giving details about my exit. <stage left>

2004-01-04 21:55:03 ET

truly so. and truly so.
any way we can chat on a messenger der?
now i am in the mood for a trip.

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