2004-01-04 21:56:58 ET

It's 3, chasing rum with milk,
the cigarette is almost out, and the air is almost completely rid of second hand lung grease.
The music pulls the feelings of hitting walls and having a good time.
I wonder when my box will get here.
cheers to whom ever.

Wow, that was awesome, I just saw a com. on adult swim, with brak and meatwad doing a scene from pulp fiction.
-"do they speak english in what? what?"- etc.
i havent watched this in a crap long time.
and I am downloading some music i don't have.
thats all.

2004-01-04 21:59:29 ET


are you serious?!

that is so rad about meatwad and brak.

2004-01-04 22:04:28 ET

seriously so, adult swim is on right now, perhaps they will show it again.

2004-01-04 22:07:42 ET

now i'm gonna be up all nite, addicted to cartoon network..lol.

2004-01-04 22:12:41 ET


2004-01-05 06:45:12 ET

Oh sweet jesus I love those shows. Last nite were some of the wierdest I have ever seen. I think it was designed for people on acid.

2004-01-05 06:50:35 ET

truly so. i love those shows too. home movies is by far my favorite

2004-01-05 06:53:19 ET

ah yes and they are bringing it back next week. yayyyyyyyy

2004-01-05 06:54:09 ET

i adore sealab 2021.

2004-01-05 07:02:19 ET

yeah i think that might be my favorite of all of them. i love the intro song so much too. i wanna turn it into a heavy death screamy song.

2004-01-05 07:10:24 ET


i can so picture that.

2004-01-05 07:22:17 ET

sealab isnt one of my favorites, i don't find it that funny. : /
i like aqua teen hunger force too though
and a shiteload of the others

everyone but me and my sister likes sealab. how unfortunate

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