2004-01-10 03:48:21 ET

There is a certain something in this that has rung a bell.
Something inner, says this is it.
Day by day nerves weaken, and the blood doesn't rush to the face anymore.
The voice, raises, without thought, and no feeling comes to mind when a job is threatened.
Something tells me i've been here before,
apathetic, indifferent, blank, and cold.
Someone pinch me, I think I may still be asleep.
Hope, is priceless.
Not precious.
Wasted time,
it's not dharma this time.
I've paid my dues.
But something else, invisible, holds me back.
I feel its time to let go of this weight.
None more Negative. ;)
All will feel my pre-sense.
watch and listen.
wait and learn.
Who's first.

2004-01-10 08:04:26 ET

i like how you wrote that :-)...
i hope you are doin' ok :-\...

*hugs* sorry haven't been around in awhile...

2004-01-10 08:34:54 ET

thanks :)
egh, life changes slowly.
it always gets better.
-hugs- all is well ;)

2004-01-10 11:55:49 ET

:-)love the optimism... :-)

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