Helping With No Hands.
2004-01-13 09:07:31 ET

And here on the update corner, we have Zoe, the easily amused person standing behind you, laughing at your shoes.

My friend got back into town a few days ago. The usual week has been work/errands/home/sleep.
So, I thought i'd get out, do the whole fresh air thing, considering cabin fever is developing in the corners of my mind.
But, after running a few errands (imagine that) i went to visit with my friend claire. I don't visit as often as I should anymore, and for that, I feel like an asstrix. But, I went over, found out that my friend was back and had an ungodly long telephone convo, in which, she promptly asked me to come and visit.
So, after I got home, 10 minutes later, I went to visit. A fun time of looking at a mountain of pictures (interesting yet badly time consuming at the same time) Had a few beers, talked with her and her aunt, and shared a story of pictures concerning my end of life to them.
Well spent time if I may say so. Though I could do without the occasional run-ins of asinine people who should check into anger management classes. I mean, my anger is pretty bad at times, but thats only when i'm pushed. I can be one of the nicest people you'll ever run into, until the 10th chance runs up.
But aside how my day off was spent, yesterday I basically slept about 4 hours after i got off of work, and then went back in. Almost slept through it though. Curse you alarm.
I'm finally getting back into coffee mode. Yet I was doing so well the past two weeks. I think being caffeine-free for so long had a big part in me being testy though. coffee is just so good though. -insert bitten lip-
I'm supposed to be doing a bit of travel rather soon. This, as always, I am psyched about.
My twin sister is supposed to be coming to visit before I go, this weekend or the next, it'll be good seeing her after about seven months of not, i miss embarrassing her in public. It's the greatest. Aside my other sis, she is the best company to take to a coffee shop, or to go and take pictures with. Until one is slamming the others head into a door. (regarding the twin)
After the travel bit, i'll be extremely happy to see my sister Rebecca again. One of the few who actually gets me. And that, ladies and gentleman, is hard to find.
But, this week, will be spent trying to get a second job, working a bit for a friend to make some ends meet, visiting with friends, and at least one new hole in my skin. I think i'm due.

Hope all is well.
au revoir.
-Zoe Rants-

ps- Forgive me for getting on the subject, and for those who know me, blick. But don't you hate when liberals try to conform a certain genre, or hide behind it to express their close-minded views. check it out. surely put a dent in my mind. Dumb fucks.
Liberals at their best.

2004-01-13 12:07:12 ET

Yes stupid poser hippies
My school is quaker school so stupid liberal messages are everywhere.
People who talk about minority rights while they have no contact with anyone besides other rich white kids. And they are afraid to go to mostly non-white places cuz "it's too ghetto"
"Man George Bush is the Devil"
if a real dictator came about they would hide their tails and shit their pants...
I rant.

I prefer cheap coffee to anything that comes out of a coffe shop
same with my tea preference, I have not tasted anything that I like better than good old Lipton

2004-01-13 12:43:26 ET

Truly so.
Sorry to hear about your school.
I usually try my hardest not to get into any conversation or remote bring up of the subject of religion or politics, because i usually go off and offend someone, but this site was just retarded. Punks, caring about politics?
I thought the whole image was about rebellion and anarchy.
How do the three directly link together. i'm effin serious.

i got to coffee shops just to give my coffee maker a break and to get a change of scenery, and is it just the places i've been or is every coffee shop in an interesting part of downtown.

2004-01-13 12:47:06 ET

Ooh my cheap coffe is like free stuff they give at shitty skool type gatherings

heh this guy who was a freshman last year and left my skool argued with me that punk can ONLY be political
and he said ramones, sex pistols, and clash were not punk...
to me punk rock was all about being unwashed, looking like hell, and being obscene, it ain't anything remotely meaningfully political
he used to sit with us at lunch until my friend pete ate all his food when he got up to use the bathroom

2004-01-13 14:37:17 ET

I just get tired when i see places like that PunkVoter rot. Music and politics coming together is a complicated blend.
MMmmblend coffee columbia caffine ween jump start dependence yummm

2004-01-14 10:11:55 ET

I would have at least expected a political band to have a site like that.
And though I do understand Jello Biafra is there, the rest is the new poppish alternative.
But still I don't understand how you put a politics, with something that completely goes the opposite way, or at least I thought. heh.

2004-01-14 10:22:21 ET

Feh, counter culture uniform

2004-01-14 10:25:04 ET

truly so

2004-01-14 12:45:51 ET

KMFDM have amusing political postings

2004-01-14 14:04:59 ET

KMFDM is a wretched band. (and this is my opinion so don't be offended)

2004-01-14 14:24:38 ET

as a big KMFDM fan i'll go in a corner and cry...:(

2004-01-14 14:30:38 ET

i'm sorry, i just dont like the fact that every song has something to do with how big headed they are, anarchy is the only song i like

2004-01-14 14:38:29 ET

Yeah I do not take anything they say as worth anything
I sympathise with the megallomania self-obcession
Christian Death is another band who's silly views/message makes me smile

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