2004-01-14 10:21:34 ET

Sleep deprivation,
floating and sinking at the same time,
i'm in touch with reality, or so i'd appear to be.
fact is, somehow I think I changed after work in the car before I headed home.
But a question for myself, what the hell am i wearing. haha. yikes.

2004-01-14 10:24:23 ET

I describe the sleep deprivation floating and sinking sensation as not knowing wether to laugh or cry.

What ARE you wearing?

2004-01-14 10:29:05 ET

I'm wearing my red 70's sneakers, some black and white tube socks, some black slacks badly rolled to the knees, and a multi colored long sleeve shirt and when i woke up i had some kind of weird vest on that i've never seen in my life. I dont even remember getting thses clothes.
Aside the few I got today, 3 hours of real sleep in a 5 day period. ugh.

2004-01-14 10:30:51 ET

i describe the floating and sinking as being in and out of reality, where at one minute you feel weightless, then the next, you're sunk into a chair.

2004-01-15 10:45:32 ET

I want some tube socks.

God, 3 hours? My friend started taking NyQuil to get her to sleep, i thought that was a little extreme until i talked to her mother whose a nurse, she said its a reliable, safe way to get some shut eye.

2004-01-15 22:58:24 ET

see i would, but sometimes i dont even take medicine for my headaches. I finally got some sleep today. A shiteload actually. so all is well.

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