2004-01-24 17:04:44 ET

It's faceless when people move around subjects or dwell in private about them.
Very weak.
But i've said all that was needed.
And all is on my turn.
i'm pretty sure this is close to the last update here for me. i need to de-bulk my karma.
au revoir all! have a good one!
-Zoe Rants

2004-01-25 18:08:36 ET

Faceless blank bare chested walls speak volumes in the right light. People might just fit the same description.

I wish there was a card game based on your karma.

2004-02-04 16:06:46 ET

Truly so. how's life in your corner these days?

2004-02-05 11:24:52 ET

Long time no see. I'm doing just shy of grand. And apparently, life goes on after high school, and im need to apply for loads of financial aid.
Where'd you dissapear to? somewhere exotic, i trust.

2004-02-22 14:46:57 ET

im now in florida. its been a while since ive been online. hope you are well.

2004-02-23 17:28:37 ET

Florida is definetly the other side of the world. Hope your having a wonderful UV soaked time. What are you up to?

2004-02-28 13:47:26 ET

its been a bit rainy lately. other than that and doing errands and assuming the mother figure, not alot is going on in florida. what are you up to these days?

2004-03-01 20:41:29 ET

Flinging myself about town with grace. I was walking down the street today, and decided to get on the next bus that went my way, it took me to a cafe, where i sat and drank coffee mate and listened to bob dylan for 2 hours.

2004-03-02 19:40:38 ET

Sounds wonderful.
I've been filling my time with downtown cafes live bands, artsy friends, great music and vegetarianism. I goofed a bit today on the vegan part. Seems I was running a bit short on iron, so I fudged a bit.
I could definately use the whole Dylan two hours bit. It's actually quite relaxing.

2004-03-02 19:41:52 ET

Aint it the truth. your escapades sound delightful, wish i were there. And how exactly does one goof on being vegan?

2004-03-02 19:51:03 ET

the offer is always open for a visit. keep it in mind.
well when you have an iron deficiency(sp) and something you used to love say...steak, is offered to you, its hard to refuse, especially when your iron is very low to the point of being sick and you run out of vitamins. thats my sad goof :(

2004-03-02 19:57:59 ET

Haha, well if youve gotta fall, steak is a nice cushion.
So, i havent eaten pork in 6 years, give or take. And i accedentally eat some of the most glorious (what i thought at the time was chicken) the other day. You can fill in the holes. Lets just say babe isnt coming to dinner.

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