Not An Exit
2004-02-04 16:31:09 ET

Days go by, things get weirder.
But as usual they always right themselves.
My days are righting themselves, slowly but surely this scrambled mess becomes something.
I can proudly say I feel like my old self again, with a few flaws, but flaws like scars give character. Or so I hear.
My help flag went out, now it's time to help me-self.
And this, is what I am doing.
I don't know how long i'll be here, maybe as long as last time, or maybe one more week. Things are really just up in the air right now.
But the zine my and my sister and her fiance were working on is coming together, and it should be done by mid next week, we are making only 50 or so copies for the first edition, to see if it actually does something.
But this hell needs a breath of culture. Also- if anyone here would like to contribute something to it feel free.
my e-mail addy is
That's it for now.

"Not all who wander are lost." - J. R. R. Tolkien

2004-02-05 07:22:35 ET

what's the magazine goin' to be about?...

(and that's a kick ass quote)

2004-02-07 09:44:05 ET

I identify with that quote more and more these days.

Yea, whats the zine entail?

2004-02-17 14:14:50 ET

and that I'm curious too, What up with the zine?

By the way I like your background :)

2004-02-22 14:50:22 ET

well the zine is almost in working order. just a few more pages to be typed and we are done. we are basically trying to make something happen in my hometown, there is a bit of culture but not much at the moment, so we are trying to get it together. its hard to explain what it entails, thoughts, ideals, some kind of thought provoking detail. perhaps when its done ill send out copies if you'd like. hope all are well. -Zoe

2004-02-22 19:21:51 ET

:-) it sounds cool... i'd love a copy...

2004-02-22 19:46:18 ET

Yeah send me one too.

2004-02-23 12:02:05 ET


2004-02-28 13:47:59 ET

will do

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