2004-03-03 12:37:25 ET

Show yourself, don't hide behind self pity. Influence.
I don't think i know you.
But all is well. We still breathe, whether or not its breatheable air, we do share some form of the same.
It's easy for me, but as for you, how hard could it be.
Don't travel too far astray, and don't mix the thoughts of ememies with friends.
Sometimes its all you have to hang onto.
I drove around today, I saw so many, in their own world, but it didn't seem to be beautiful. Nor enticing to even look in upon.
But I realized, mine, no matter how small, has always been that.
And now, upon my stop, it gets better.
Odd? I didn't think so.

-PDA - Interpol

2004-03-13 13:39:31 ET

mmmmm interpol

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