Broke Away
2004-03-25 09:16:18 ET

There are times where I wish i could recreate old odd times in my life. Like the time we stood at the window on the sixth floor of this p.o.s. apartment complex and threw t.v.'s out. The sound of the cement and gravity ripping them apart. T.V. is a bastard creation, reducing minds to nothing. Just like ADHD and these fucking rents putting the kids on medication. let them be crazy man, thats a kids job. (if i offended someone with that, well, we all have our own opinions)
In the past few days i've seen how easy excuses are, and i've used quite a few in the past week.
Now I work, and still hang out. And hardly sleep. It becomes interesting after a while.
The Twilight Singers are going to this place in NC. We will try and catch the show.
Aside that everything is up in the air until I go to VA for a couple of weeks.
Take care.

2004-03-25 09:39:16 ET

I can imagine that scene with the kamakaze TVees. I wish i could've seen that go down.

2004-03-25 09:56:13 ET

Its times like that when its good to be alive.
Desruction can be productive at times.

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