Kinder spell a what?
2004-04-18 07:49:26 ET

Some kind of knowledge, is supposed to come at an early age. In the past week i've seen a whole new level of mental awareness or lack thereof.
I've binged on expensive liquor, laughed till my eyes watered, and i've visited a part of life I think I may have forgotten.
This trip was needed.
And it will be made again soon.
Someone once told me I need to get my priorities straight.
I say I know what i'm doing.
I say I know i'm not chasing empty dreams, or dreaming of becoming something i'm not.
So what if my best friend is more important to me than my job.
Jobs are expendable.
Life, as is, is not.
Au revoir.
-Zoe Rants.

2004-04-18 08:20:21 ET

what kidn of liquor?

2004-04-18 11:05:32 ET

propably absinthe. ;)

2004-04-20 19:22:58 ET

a very beautiful whiskey, and wonderful tequila.
and absinthe comes soon xander. :)
and no not any of this psuedo stuff,
lets just say we plan on being creative.

2004-04-21 10:10:51 ET

ahhh that is the way to go. wish i were drinking with ya and be in the creative circle!

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