2004-06-03 12:49:29 ET

It's now been close to two weeks since i've done the "9 to 5". And its been a good two weeks.
I've been pretty productive and i'm hardly ever home now.
I've been helping a friend make her life more comfortable. (moving stuff, putting up stuff)
And i've started drawing and painting again thanks to her. I haven't really been sober for a while now, but i'm not drinking or anything just smoking out with some friends. I've found, that it makes me feel more creative. At least I know that i've gotten my paintings and drawings done while under the influence.
Other than all of that, I have things to sort out with mail. And things to sort out with people who obviously don't realize how important the mail actually is to me. But i'd like to think I have a good head on my shoulders, and I know it will be straightened out one way or the other. Always is.
I feel comforted in knowing who my friends are.
Most people don't get that opportunity.
over and out.
-Zoe Rants-

2004-06-03 13:33:36 ET

getting stoned and doing art is great!

i get most creative when im stoned.

2004-06-13 13:36:09 ET

being creative when im stoned is a new thing for me.

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