You know how I feel
2004-07-10 17:46:22 ET

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me,
and i'm feelin good.

Thursday, I got back into town. Back in Virginia.
It's time for a drastic change in me.
No more of this person i've been. And i'm completely confident in that.
New website near the beginning of next month, regarding art, the zine, my sister and her soon to be husbands business, and photography. More info when it's all up.
Other than that i'm starting a music project, and it's happening when i get back from visiting my family. 2 weeks from monday. I am now single again, none of this would happen if I wouldn't have been introduced to this freedom again.
cheers all.
-Zoe Rants

(Nina Simone - Feeling Good)

2004-07-10 19:52:50 ET

still changing eh? I remember this conversation....

besides enjoys your freedom! no hold barrel!

2004-07-12 22:41:42 ET

This time is it. Yeah I remember this too, I often repeat myself in that way. I am fully enjoying my freedom, and this pseudo vacation. Hope all is well.

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