2004-07-25 18:39:27 ET

Well it's approaching the end of this home visit.
Tuesday is our departure, and things seem to have looked up today. I feel at peace with the reason for coming here now, and I am now in possession of my viola.
I also have a new tattoo. Something i drew. My uncle did it for me and it rocks.
Other than that there isn't much to report.
Hope all is well.

2004-07-25 19:16:03 ET

wow sounds like your dad rocks!

2004-07-30 20:26:19 ET


2004-07-30 20:33:54 ET

im sorry, sometimes my mind trails off at times.
and that last post was one of those times.

2004-07-31 15:16:29 ET

Its alright. It happens

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