Something I think about
2005-02-19 06:31:54 ET

I have this insatiable need to make things different for myself.
I am also thinking of travel again, it's been quite some time for my standards. My problem is, that I love him.
Sometimes I just want to break free, and feel nothing, because it would be easier for me to do something for myself.
People make caring out to be too serious.
I've found a class that I want to and am going to take. It would cause me to have to stay a bit more in florida though and this is something i am not sure that I would like to do.
I'm quitting my job next week, to go and get another accounting job, screw working with people, most aren't worth it anyway.
I've been doing more art lately, I am purchasing an accoustic guitar soon, he said he would teach me.
I don't talk to my family much, my grandmother is in the hospital.
I never called for christmas.

2005-02-19 07:55:07 ET

I have the feeling to make things different as well. In fact I got my septum pierced yesterday. It's like all this pent up desires to move beyond and it's hard to control. oh well.

What is the new artwork like? Do you have a account?

2005-02-24 08:25:59 ET

Wow you got your septum pierced? That almost seemed unheard of to me, it is still hard to believe.
I don't have any of mine anymore.
I did a painting last night. I will take a picture and send it to you, I really am into it, and for me thats beyond, to say.
I hope all is well. You look well.

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