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2005-07-17 16:16:25 ET

For two weeks now, my fourteen year-old brother was a holier than thou sort of figure (a monk) over at the Thai temple. Today, he coverted back into the civilianhood. And of course, the first thing he did when he finally came home was jump onto his bed, turn on the PS2, and pop in Destroy All Humans. This, after soothing his soul and meditating for spiritual peace and enlightment for the past couple of weeks. Go figure. Heh.

American youth. Appeasing the scapegoat fetishers, trying to locate the core source of corruption...



... in eleven minutes flat.

Something to analyze:

(The Thai version of the Virgin Mary.)

(And the "correct form" of the swastika surrounded by what I'm assuming is Sanskrit.)
(Correct me if I'm wrong.)

The sun may rise in the east, but apparently the western world prefers being the one wearing the pants.

media = government = religion

(It's definitely fun being remotely controlled sometimes.)

*The above was a re-broadcasted blog-blathering from Because copy and paste is fun. So there.

2005-07-17 18:52:05 ET

heh, eleven minutes! in deed, a paradigm.

2005-07-17 20:12:38 ET

Professor Fuckhead says: I believe the symbol is known as the Manji rather than the swastika over there.

Remember kids, trust the fuckhead.

2005-07-17 20:56:20 ET

The link was broken before. It's fixed now: "The word Swastika comes from the Sanskrit words su, meaning well, and asti, meaning to be."

... Obviously, almost everything carries a whole variety of different names. Even "god" has his own set of pseudonyms. :p

2005-07-18 07:35:00 ET

are your family Buddhists? or Thai? Seems like an odd thing for a teen to do otherwise. Neato, though. My g/f went off to Northern India to practice Tibetan Buddhism, a while back. She doesn't play videogames, though.

2005-07-18 20:42:15 ET

They're both, actually. :)

My brother only became a monk out of respect for my grandmother who passed away three weeks ago. I, myself, was actually supposed to become a nun, too, but couldn't, due to certain restrictions...

Is your g/f Indian?

2005-07-19 06:59:04 ET

nope, she's Costa Rican! She got into Tibetan Buddhism a while back, and used to meditate and hang with lamas and rinpoches, but it's diluted down to 'mindfulness' in her daily life when she got tired of ritual. Which makes me happy, because I don't really like religious trappings meself.

why couldn't you become a nun? You mean, a full on cloistered celibate nun?

and can you send me home cooked thai food? pad kee mow with wheat gluten, please. ;)

2005-07-19 16:05:02 ET

I think your media=gov=relig = WAY oversimplified... but your thoughts are kind of on the right track.

2005-07-19 18:08:42 ET

axolotl: I couldn't become a nun because my mother was concerned about my health at the time being. And as far as home cooked Thai food goes, I actually do make some damn good pad kee mow. And pad see ew. And pad thai. And, and, and... ;)

VieSekt: Well, I just couldn't bother going into detail into how I came up with that equation, since actual in-depth typing is rather time-consuming and I'm rather low on free time as it is. But thank you for oversimplifying my thoughts. :)

2005-07-20 07:25:38 ET

threat: <3!

Thailand is on my long list of to-visit (to-return-to) places. I've got a pal who lives out there in Bangkok, but I really wanna hit the islands (not the hippy trance ones, but the nature snorkeling ones) and Chiangmai. :) Of course, before then comes backpacking and Costa Rica.

Is Thailand like Cambodia where the boys go off and be a monk for a year? I mean, in some parts of Thai society? Hmm...or is that Laos.

2005-07-20 15:44:36 ET

no problem for thanking me for something I didn't do..... I merely restated, as I do not know your thoughts well enough to accurately convey in any other means.. I suppose if you were refering to my shortening the words, maybe. ;-)

2005-07-24 05:06:56 ET

axo: You seem to be a somewhat cultural nature freak (for lack of a better term :p). Am I right on that mark? Either way, that's cool. Are you also vegetarian? Or vegan? :p

As for the monk thing: I really do not know. If they do, it's usually by choice... I think. *shifty eyes* (So much for knowing so much about my own culture. Hah...)

BTW, Chiang Mai rocks. One of my aunts (there's sixteen of them total 0_o) just bought a new house up there. I'm itching to fly out there myself now, ahhh...

VieSekt: I always thought that making pretentious comments = assuming that whatever words that meritted those comments are oversimplified. Then again, I might've just read your comment out in the wrong tone. :p

2005-07-24 06:40:18 ET

I am vegetarian and enjoy aspects of many cultures. :) Actually, being vegetarian, you get to explore a lot of asian cuisine...not so much the South American or South Africa, that's for sure! I prefer not to romanticize foreign cultures, though, the way a lot of people do with Asian cultures. E.g. I dig a lot of Japanese culture, but the parts where they disrespect women and people in poor health, or like to hunt whales, I'm not so down with. ;)

Lokichilde's dad is moving to Thailand, I believe. Chiang Mai sk meet!

2005-07-25 20:24:16 ET

omg. lahl

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