like sands through the hourglass...
2005-08-02 15:26:00 ET

My mom took this photo over twenty-five years ago:

I took this one, at almost the same location, sometime last year:

Compared and contrasted: How much does time really change things?

2005-08-02 15:31:51 ET

Those are both awesome. The first seems a good photo for a family album, the second seems a good photo (a really good one) for a professional thing.

Other than that... a bit of litter more, uh?

2005-08-02 15:40:37 ET

Sure. The first has more composition, the second has more compost.

And thank you for the compliment. To hear it say that it's good enough for a professional thing... it's very... I don't know... touching? lol. Thank you. :)

2005-08-02 15:57:40 ET

It's just the truth =)

2005-08-02 16:27:58 ET

well, it appears that years of pollution have engraved the words "BUKKAKEBBQ.COM" into the land and sea of Southern California...a truly sad statement on our environmental destruction, if you ask me. I'd blame the Japanese whaling industry, but that would probably end in a ".JP", so I'm not sure what happened. Probably some international cartel of criminal polluters who sought to blight the landscape. I hope that Captain Planet stops them soon!

2005-08-03 07:44:23 ET

I hope captain planet has a bukkakebbq. I'd go.

I do like the pictures as well, by the way.

2005-08-12 17:08:36 ET

I like how you use pictures to make a simple statement. It's really nice and well put together. It's also refreshing to see something other than overexposed pictures of someone's cleavage in every other entry. I'm liking your style, kid. :)

Anyways, welcome to SK. (A month late, but hey, I'm trying).

2005-08-15 08:59:42 ET

darn, where are the cleavage shots? i'm not scouring sk properly.

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