hello :)))
2006-03-10 02:16:20 ET

I'm new here :))
looks like a nice cool spot :)

Ammmm my name is Yam (meaning in hebrew is "sea") i live in israel and im 16 :) i don't have anything really important to say... i've done my first piercing a month ago or so on my left lip :) labret.
I'm planning to do a barcode on my back-neck with my ID number :) and that's it for now ^_^.

I Like drawing (i don't enjoy it thou cause i suck :P) and manipulate photos in Photoshop :), you can check out my dark art gallery at: tkatodesigns.deviantart.com .

Anyway i have to go :) have a nice day everyone :))).

2006-03-10 02:39:22 ET

Welcome to SK!

2006-03-10 04:48:38 ET


2006-03-10 05:40:06 ET

hello my darling....
you will be obsessed with this place in due time.

2006-03-10 05:59:02 ET

welcome welcome!

2006-03-10 06:21:50 ET

Welcome to SK!!

2006-03-10 07:07:01 ET

hey there darlin

2006-03-10 15:26:30 ET

welcome to sk...
more addictive than.. well addictive things...

2006-03-11 06:39:03 ET


Please stay away from the van, they have...things in there.

2006-03-12 05:46:24 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-03-12 06:06:51 ET


2006-03-12 06:10:49 ET

you know what else is addictive?



2006-03-12 06:30:44 ET

For a minute there I thought you were going to say Myspace...

2006-03-12 11:59:16 ET



2006-03-12 14:53:16 ET

Hehe Better not

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