2003-07-17 18:56:25 ET

Well, everyone, don't be mad at me for not posting for a couple of weeks. I'm going home on leave for 2 weeks on Sunday morning and I'm not sure if i'll have a chance to update. I'll try tho.

2003-07-17 18:59:29 ET

Going home for a while sounds like a good thing. Are there no PCs at home?

2003-07-18 02:13:39 ET

We'll be patient ;-)

2003-07-18 09:40:14 ET

We'll miss you! :-) <3333

2003-07-18 20:57:38 ET

hope you forget all of your worries, and perhaps get some action(?) nudge nudge wink wink

2003-08-03 10:46:44 ET

lol hey all! I'm back!!!!!!!! woooooooo hoooooo! did ya miss me? I missed you!!!

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