not again
2003-08-07 19:18:10 ET

"Pete, you are such a 'nice guy' ". :*( *falls to his knees*

2003-08-07 19:32:23 ET


2003-08-07 20:34:09 ET

um. oucch.

2003-08-08 07:23:41 ET

yeah, why don't they just say "you might as well be gay, because that's about how interested i am in you"

2003-08-08 07:26:11 ET

i read a magazine once and they said lower your discusting is that?

maybe its for the better.

2003-08-08 09:20:16 ET

what a load of bs! don't ever lower your expectations

2003-08-08 09:33:53 ET

thats what i get for giving in to those stupid cosmo magazines. they lure me in with those cute boys.

2003-08-08 09:39:28 ET

lol. damn them!

2003-08-08 09:43:31 ET

if you have to learn how to please/keep a guy from a magazine. your probably under 15.

2003-08-08 09:44:21 ET

LOL I'll agree with you there! Thats classic!

2003-08-08 09:47:35 ET

that is pretty good isnt it. im gonna keep that.

2003-08-08 20:07:15 ET

well maybe you are too nice for some girls, they like jerks that tell them how to think

so dont feel bad

2003-08-08 21:48:28 ET

that is a cop out and a load of b.s. 'too nice' is a contradiction
girls don't want a nice guy, they want to want a nice the way, that's not directed at you J. i was just expressing how i felt

2003-08-08 21:52:25 ET

i also think that when a girl meets a nice guy, she doesn't know how to deal with it (sorry ladies) we are human beings NOT PROJECTS!!!!!!!!

2003-08-09 21:08:36 ET

wow, you took that personally...
and you didnt really get it anyways, so oh well

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