i know your heart
2003-09-07 18:42:00 ET

and herein lies the great facade...
great deciever, where do you hide your wings?

2003-09-07 18:50:19 ET

on my back under a trench coat and zip unsweater (imagine ben affleck in dogma).

2003-09-07 18:52:16 ET

cool. thats pretty fly, girl.

2003-09-07 18:54:25 ET

haha. are you trying to be gangsta? damn dawg i'm gonna have to bust a cap!

2003-09-07 18:56:12 ET

lol no not at all. haha easy, b. don't trip. slo yo roll

2003-09-07 18:56:59 ET

what? lol

2003-09-07 19:00:35 ET

haha who knows. I don't attempt to understand.

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