2003-09-09 14:21:53 ET

we had concert band today. the new commander at least is going to have us play some challenging music. He keeps talking about putting on all these concerts. I think he might just be ambitious, because he's never been in a division band and doesn't know how busy we keep. I would love to get to travel around again though. we did that a lot for a while, but then we stopped for some reason. When I first got to my unit, we travelled a lot.

on another note, does anyone remember the band The Why Store? They were really big back home in Indiana. But whenever a group is big close to home you never know if they are a local thing or they are that popular everywhere.

2003-09-09 14:24:18 ET

have fun?

2003-09-09 14:24:33 ET

hmmm...the Ft. Hood band is supposed to come here to my town for a parade thingy.

2003-09-09 14:27:19 ET

your background pic is very disturbing 0_o

2003-09-09 15:12:44 ET

Phaery: fun at what?
Plastic: yup, we're scheduled for this weekend i think. ??
Cyber: mine is?

2003-09-09 15:13:02 ET

It says stuff.

2003-09-09 16:23:32 ET


2003-09-09 16:43:25 ET

bunny: how come?

Cyberpunk: i'm not really sure lol. its the Bible Code. its Hebrew. i don't know exactly what it says. I think that it is supposed to clear up some of the mysticism.

2003-09-09 16:51:53 ET

Those are hebrew letters.
Let's see...
I believe It's off the bible...
It's some sort of a prayer...about a man going to a battle or something.
The red letters, from up to bottom, say "Hear my song" with a spelling mistake,

2003-09-09 18:14:15 ET

sweet. you can read hebrew? thats awesome!

2003-09-10 00:52:51 ET

that's what we do in Israel ;)
um, where did you get this wallpaper?

2003-09-10 12:17:01 ET

lol i'm sorry, i didn't know you lived in Israel. I went online to google and searched through their images. i don't remeber what I typed in the engine. I was searching for pictures of Christ on the cross: the one i have as a title of my gallery.

2003-09-11 12:03:46 ET

so you're coming? It's the weekend of the...20th.

2003-09-11 12:08:05 ET

Plastic: the weekend of the 20th? if its a fort hood band then i'm sure that its us, because the 4th infantry is gone. you should tell us (vasa and I) where to look for you as the time approaches, so we can meet you :) that'd be great!

2003-09-11 12:10:28 ET

Drake will be in town too. ^_^

Yeah it's the 20th, that's when the parade is here. The Fort hood band always come to it every year. They always get our 1st place. haha.

2003-09-11 12:12:23 ET

o.k. well I will definately have to look for the two of you.

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