2003-09-19 12:55:48 ET

my squad leader just informed me that i should be studying because I'm going to the promotion board in November. and since i'm going overseas, it will be easier to get conditionally promoted over there.

2003-09-19 13:08:45 ET

that sounds promising.

2003-09-19 13:17:38 ET

Congrats, dude ^_^

2003-09-19 13:24:34 ET


2003-09-20 20:21:09 ET

wow...where are you going to over seas?

2003-09-21 10:01:00 ET

iraq!!! *cries8*

2003-09-21 10:40:04 ET

awwww, its o.k. Phaery, I'll come back

2003-09-22 13:19:45 ET


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