2003-09-25 19:00:04 ET

N.B.C. training at 06:30 tomorrow morning yuk!!!!! i'm so beat. somebody make the green machine stop! lol

2003-09-25 19:46:41 ET

green machine(the juice that is) is the best thing ever!
its green though
it creeps a lot of people out

2003-09-25 19:50:10 ET

c'mon, NBC training is like jello, there's ALWAYS room for it...

come to think of it, who knows what is in jello...

2003-09-25 19:56:43 ET

gelatin, which comes from horse hooves.
then its powdered and flavored, and mixed with sugar.

you have Jello

2003-09-26 05:36:36 ET

exactly, i think we need preparidness training for dealing with jello

2003-09-26 07:29:24 ET

i iwhs i could.

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