2003-09-26 09:39:51 ET

good training, hooah! We were trained very effectively today, thanks Vasa (nbc guru). Why are you not a sergeant?
Anyway, we went through chemical suit exchange. Decontamination of self using the M 291 Decon. kit. We also went through M40 series protective mask removal procedures and NBC decector kits. We cleaned our weapons before returning them to the arms room and had a pitch-in lunch for one of our buddies who is leaving after that. We were released at 1200 hours. It was a good day.

2003-09-26 10:42:41 ET

becaus then we couldnt call him CAREER SPECIALIST =D

2003-09-26 11:04:45 ET

lol true. he retired his command, he told me. thats why i can no longer call him 'command career specialist' lol

2003-09-26 15:23:04 ET

Damn right :fist:

2003-09-26 15:35:08 ET

props to you [Vasa]: supreme NBC being *sah-lid*

2003-09-26 15:43:59 ET

If you give props to me you have to give them to Sistah girl too. She is super-squared away and is just as knowledge as I am just not in a field experience sense.

2003-09-26 15:54:52 ET

*lifts fist triumpfantly* SAHLID!!

ok I'll just go back to mah dancin.. *does the mr feather dance*

So you're the pimp of nbc and shes the pimpess =D

2003-09-26 16:21:10 ET

oh, you know. sistah girl gets my love too.

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