Temple College Wind Ensemble
2003-09-26 10:00:42 ET

I just got the cd of our last concert! Man, its good! I love that band! This concert we are playing Chester, Be Glad then America (i'm not fond of that one), and When Jesus Wept: all by Schuman. Dvorsak's Finale Symphony no. VIII, Washington Post: Sousa; arr. by Gore, and Second Suite: Holst.

2003-09-26 17:34:59 ET


2003-09-26 18:28:25 ET

Chester is good shit. =D

2003-09-29 05:01:22 ET

yes, yes it very much is as having the good shit. lol

2003-09-29 05:02:41 ET

ok, senor pepe, that's enough at of you. Now when ya'll play Carmina Burana's O Fortuna, then I will come see ya play =D

2003-09-29 05:04:28 ET

kule! i love that song. um our band isn't having the up to playing that i am thinking.

2003-09-29 06:35:40 ET

Shoot, my HS band in Florida played a bunch of pieces from Carmina Burana and won many award. lol

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