25 *whew* old man
2003-09-29 05:19:17 ET

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!
When do i get my spankings???

2003-09-29 05:23:43 ET

Happy birfday soldier! Now drop and give me 25!!!

2003-09-29 05:26:02 ET

hahaha happy birthday.. i'll refrain from spankings... unless you insist :-P

2003-09-29 05:27:48 ET

Wow....HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I would have so drove down to see you if I knew...but now I have made plans..I will try for next weekend. Thats when you will get the spankings.

2003-09-29 05:32:16 ET

lol thanks everyone...you rock

2003-09-29 05:33:13 ET

tis your day... have anything planned?

2003-09-29 05:36:22 ET

eh, i am going to eat a lot of food and probably go go-kart racing *woot woot*

2003-09-29 05:37:10 ET

sweetness... lots of food kicks ass... its been awhile since i raced go karts... O_o

2003-09-29 05:37:54 ET

they're too expensive, but i figured, hey its my birthday, i'm going to splurge

2003-09-29 05:38:32 ET

yea.. might as well have some fun.. \m/

2003-09-29 06:38:46 ET

HEY!!!! We had a bday party for you this weekend. Don't whine! Remember, I came over and drank all your booze and then you booted us out when Equilibrium was over and someone fell asleep. I could have partied MUCH longer... and it didnt continue at my house. No one came over. And Keith wouldnt take me to Walmart to do drunken grocery shopping at 3AM. NO FUN! lol. But yes, we were wasted, remember? THE CAPTAIN AND ALL HIS FUN!! YAY YAY. lol

I'd spank ya, but well... I think we should just have the ass o' doom and the killer clevage come smoosh you ;)

2003-09-29 06:45:05 ET

Ummm settle for "happy birthday" instead of spanking

2003-09-29 06:53:48 ET

happy birthday!!!

2003-09-29 07:23:52 ET

Happy birthday. :P 25? You turned 25 two days after I did.

2003-09-29 07:35:51 ET

shadow i didn't know it was your birthday O_o... happy birthday!!

2003-09-29 13:40:24 ET

Happy Natal Day to You!

2003-09-29 14:43:01 ET

gabriel...back on the 27th...two days before pete. thanks

2003-09-29 15:34:10 ET

happy birthday Shadow

2003-09-29 15:34:36 ET

you all are awesome! thanks!!!!!

2003-09-29 16:26:02 ET

*takes out a paddle. slapping it on palm*

2003-09-30 13:50:26 ET

*takes the paddle from phaery and whacks pete on the bum*

2003-09-30 13:51:09 ET

lol *woooooh* please, Killer, may i have another?

2003-09-30 13:51:33 ET

phaery: lol bring it!

2003-09-30 13:56:43 ET

*gives you another*
now where's mine!?!?

2003-09-30 17:12:19 ET

Happy birthday and many more to come.

2003-09-30 19:18:39 ET

sorry kill took my paddle.

2003-09-30 20:18:00 ET

muah ha ha ha

2003-10-01 15:22:47 ET


2003-10-01 16:27:34 ET

i love you cats!

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