2003-10-01 17:52:49 ET

a penny for your thoughts
a nickel for you cares
a dime if you tell me that you love me

2003-10-01 17:53:31 ET

weed is awesome , want some , feel free to come to argentina to visit us :)

2003-10-01 17:54:13 ET

sweet. i'd love to! lol thanks, man.

2003-10-01 17:54:14 ET

i love you!

*puts out her hand and waits for a dime*

haha :-*

2003-10-01 17:54:34 ET

i like your new page format by the way

2003-10-01 17:55:17 ET


2003-10-01 17:56:29 ET

lol thanks Blu, here's your dime *tosses dime*
i meant xerxes new page format

2003-10-01 17:58:12 ET

lol ohhh okies! :-p

2003-10-01 17:59:58 ET

okay, i love you..where is my dime!~

2003-10-01 18:00:30 ET

*tosses dime* whew, you all are gonna make me go broke

2003-10-01 18:01:24 ET

where's my dime?!??!

2003-10-01 18:01:38 ET

i love you...
i need at least fifty cent ;)

2003-10-01 18:15:05 ET

lol *additional 45 cents* your way

2003-10-01 18:15:32 ET

you know i got you Tabby1

2003-10-01 18:15:49 ET

:: gives you thoughs cares and love ::

Does that mean I get 16 cents ?

2003-10-01 18:15:55 ET

yay! but i would still like a dime.

2003-10-01 18:15:59 ET

thank you!

2003-10-01 18:16:09 ET

nah, probably 25?

2003-10-01 18:16:24 ET


2003-10-01 18:18:01 ET

so how much do I get if I offer sex?

just a thought, just a thought ;)

2003-10-01 18:18:18 ET

what does a humping of the leg get me???

2003-10-01 18:18:21 ET

*woot woot* whats your rate? lol

2003-10-01 18:18:37 ET

eh two dimes?

2003-10-01 18:19:42 ET

lol, uhm... a bottle of the captain.

oh wait. you give me that for free.

2003-10-01 18:21:07 ET


i dunno it would be some damn good humpage.. how bout a quarter?

and for only 15 cents more you can add my sidekick tina!!! (aka bluphreak)

2003-10-01 18:21:10 ET

lol Captain *woot woot*

2003-10-01 18:21:45 ET


2003-10-01 18:22:18 ET

dah diggity dizzamn! Danse AND Tina? 2 quarters lol

2003-10-01 18:22:41 ET

yes, not THIS tina. i won't hump your leg. i won't hump you period. this is just because i dont hump people whos names have P in them.

2003-10-01 18:24:23 ET

how about me??? mine begins with a T?

2003-10-01 18:24:45 ET

Justyne: i know silly. Blupheak is who i meant. lol Pete is definately a P name.

2003-10-01 18:25:30 ET

*checks the letters in her name*

WOO!! i can still be humped!!! haha

2003-10-01 18:26:09 ET

I know. =D I was being silly.

i'll hump you if you're begging, but it looks like you have much hotter gals wantin to hump ya. =D

2003-10-01 18:26:52 ET

wh00ot, so we're just having a random humping party on this page? sweet. you better get out the change jar pete.

2003-10-01 18:26:56 ET

*high fives Tine* wo!!!

2003-10-01 18:28:37 ET

you all are a riot! i'm happy now. you all made my night. i have never had this many comments on a post. "you like me, you really really like me"

hump hump *throws change*

2003-10-01 18:29:09 ET


2003-10-01 18:29:40 ET

it's all about the humpage.

2003-10-01 18:30:26 ET

*humps everyone*

2003-10-01 18:31:23 ET

lol where's my little Killer in all of this. she'd be havin a good time

2003-10-01 18:34:54 ET

wow, Tina just humped me!

2003-10-01 18:35:24 ET

lol took ya long enough!! :P

2003-10-01 18:36:02 ET

lol i'm sorry, Tina. :)

2003-10-01 18:36:30 ET

i think i'm going to bed, you all are awesome! thanks for making my night!

2003-10-01 18:36:35 ET

it's the army. it makes you retarded.

2003-10-01 18:37:11 ET


have fun pete! :P

2003-10-01 18:38:22 ET

Justyne:yes the army definately makes you retarded.
Blu: thanks Tina. u too. talk to you soon :)

2003-10-01 18:38:37 ET

goodnite neverland!!

2003-10-01 19:49:15 ET

i love you for free

2003-10-02 04:31:09 ET

thanks Chamber!

2003-10-02 04:31:31 ET

have a dime anyway.

2003-10-02 06:13:05 ET

what is love anyways? ha, of course i have to get all poetic.

2003-10-02 12:12:44 ET

"<3" that is love, slowmo. ;)

2003-10-03 00:15:11 ET

i <3 YEW

2003-10-03 04:11:37 ET

omg! vocalize!!! where have you been?
thanks also ;) <3<3<3

2003-10-06 20:19:51 ET

lol im here. im alive. just been.. preoccupied. =/

2003-10-06 20:20:19 ET

so when do i get my dime? :)

2003-10-06 20:20:39 ET

or a little more.. *nudge nugde* *wink wink* ;)

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