2003-10-07 17:03:52 ET

i'm gonna fight em off...
a seven nation army couldn't hold Pete back

2003-10-07 17:04:19 ET


2003-10-07 17:07:58 ET

im gonna rip em off, taking their time right behind my back, and im talking to myself out loud because i cant forget, back and forth through my mind beghind a cigarette.

yeah, i have the CD

2003-10-07 17:09:41 ET

good stuff good stuff...HEY its almose someones birthday!!!

2003-10-07 17:10:00 ET


2003-10-07 17:11:28 ET

it IS!!
well, just aboutwhat? 5 more hours? maybe six?

i dont feel like i could have made it this far
i would like to thank the academy.. and god.. and my family, then again, NOT my family

2003-10-07 17:12:26 ET

woot woot woot!!! lol

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