fun with weapons
2003-10-10 07:41:54 ET

one week left of armorer school...
Man, this class rocks! All I do is learn about and play with weapons all day! Its HEAVEN! I broke down a M240 coaxial machine gun yesterday. 45 seconds to break down 50 seconds to reassemble. We have a four day weekend also (federal holiday). On Tuesday, I get to play with a M9 pistol and a M203 grenade launcher (my baby). It should be loads of fun. And this is my JOB! Today is definately a re-enlistment day!

2003-10-10 07:48:07 ET


2003-10-10 07:55:51 ET

we're partying at vasas on sunday! dont know if you heard. you need a break this weekend knowing how hard you've been working and studying. i guess he's playing a gig at some bar by the kill-een expo and then we're going over to his place so tina can get all kinds of drunk =)

And if you love the grenade launcher so much, why don't you hump it? oh wait, that could be bad. =)

2003-10-10 07:58:39 ET


2003-10-10 08:59:31 ET

lmao! thanks for the visual justyne. . humpin along. . doot dee doo. . . and right when it's getting good KABLAMO! no more tonal (or at least no more fun parts).

2003-10-10 09:02:17 ET

dude!!!! can i come??

2003-10-10 09:03:42 ET

lol no more tonalparts...and what would we all do without tonalparts`?

2003-10-10 09:04:42 ET

turn to machines.

2003-10-10 09:09:22 ET

hahaha yup i guess we would.

2003-10-10 09:27:41 ET

well, I already have the machines, I mean! Ooops. lol. I love giving friendly visuals, espec ones that include humping. =)

And I don't see an issue with you going to vasa's. I think you should. =) We'll make it yet another band party (with the groupie of course!!)

and I think everyone on SK thinks Im a drunk. I really DONT drink that often. Just on the weekends. But I do have mad love for captain morgan. :)

2003-10-10 09:48:54 ET

cap'm rocsh!!! *hic*

2003-10-10 09:57:08 ET

mmmm captain morgan's. when i went to reno i stopped in at a "rum" bar. all rum all the time, and i even got the souvenier glass thingie--it's a red parrot named "rumby"! i took him to the club last night and had all my drinks in him. (okay, that was a tangent there. . but yeah). ;)

2003-10-10 11:09:34 ET

im jealous

2003-10-10 12:18:59 ET

you can come too, ambition!

2003-10-10 12:39:03 ET

so where the heck are you guys where all this funness is happening. lemme guess--some other state so i can't go? *cries in corner*

2003-10-10 13:05:24 ET

the hell hole we live in, Tex-Ass. And we pretty much get together every weekend. And drink. Because we're losers and we have nothing better to do. Well, I speak only for myself, =)

2003-10-10 16:09:52 ET

lol, no you don't. Its mutual across the board.

Industrialyte: si, we are in Texass. where are you? don't cry, it'll be o.k.

2003-10-10 17:59:25 ET

whats a tonal?

2003-10-10 20:06:14 ET

lol me, sugar. TONALwar

2003-10-10 20:08:48 ET

no i mean. what is tonal?

i know who you are.

2003-10-10 20:09:18 ET

tonal, music: tones....tonal

2003-10-10 20:19:59 ET

ahhh i get it.

2003-10-12 11:25:59 ET

i'm near sf/ca. in the east bay area. :\ if you guys are losers for gettting together and drinking on weekends, then i am too. .. .

2003-10-12 15:48:52 ET

i'm near san fran.

2003-10-12 20:18:00 ET

dah diggity deezam. why the hell are all of you all from cali? why can't you all be closer so we can hang out?

2003-10-13 12:51:08 ET

you should come over here. :)

phaery--where are ya? i'm in hayward.

2003-10-13 18:52:53 ET

monterey bay.

2003-10-13 19:12:03 ET

damn--i haven't been there in an age

2003-10-13 19:13:23 ET

really? koo. never been to hayward myself.

2003-10-13 19:16:57 ET

yeah--nuthin to see here.

2003-10-13 19:21:55 ET

haha. same here. this place is for the oldsters.

2003-10-14 08:37:39 ET

but the aquarium is cool. :)

2003-10-14 20:14:42 ET

yeah. i worked at the resaurant inside the aqarium the past summer.

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