2003-10-11 07:20:56 ET

WE'RE LIBERATING CUBA NOW????? WTF???? our prez. needs to slow the hell down. he's gonna get us all killed

2003-10-11 07:30:40 ET

i knew that bastard was goin there next...that mutherfucker needs to be shot or something. Him and colen powell..sons of bitches. I say you and me go kick em in the face.

2003-10-11 07:37:38 ET

next step:

liberation of those poor oppressed martian bastards.

2003-10-11 07:49:41 ET

damn, let the world solve its own problems and stop getting my brothers killed

2003-10-12 07:47:57 ET

yeah. i cant wait til he's like gone!!!!

2003-10-12 18:03:00 ET

I hate war.

2003-10-12 18:03:47 ET

1-2-3-4 we like fighting we like war.

i just hate bush

2003-10-12 18:07:34 ET

Bush is war. That's all he thinks about...so it seems.

2003-10-12 19:15:18 ET

he wants to do soemthing his daddy didn;t achieve.

2003-10-17 13:55:50 ET

ah, you silly hippies...

don't you realize there won't be an end to war as long as humans are still calling the shots ?

i very much doubt we are going to get down with it in cuba...

2003-10-17 19:20:44 ET

so we should let the monkeys take over?

2003-10-17 19:22:29 ET

whatever you think would be an apropriate C.O.A., Ma'am...
awaiting orders...

2003-10-17 19:22:36 ET

deploy monkeys?

2003-10-17 19:23:19 ET


2003-10-17 19:27:32 ET

*squadleader to deploying monkeys*

alright! when that hatch drops, get on my ass and don't stop until we reach the sea wall! We're gonna take this beach!!!
*hatch drops* go go go!!!!!!

2003-10-17 19:27:56 ET


2003-10-17 19:48:37 ET

let the monkeys kill clinton first.

he got us into a few engagements that really didn't mean anything you know... because its not really "war" it was "peacekeeping", right ??? although we didn't accomplish ANYTHING in those campaigns.

2003-10-17 19:49:37 ET

with the few exceptions i think clinton did pretty well.

2003-10-17 19:49:54 ET

oooh we'll have to deploy the monkey spec. ops. for that one *oops i've already said too much...shhhhh*

2003-10-17 19:51:33 ET


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