it goes click.... click ..... boom
2003-10-17 15:47:30 ET

first one done disassembling/assembling the MK19Mod3 auto.grenade launcher today woot woot not bad for a saxophone that infantrymen

2003-10-17 15:52:19 ET

O_o crazy... haha thats coolness

2003-10-17 15:53:03 ET

I still think it needs to be mounted on the sax.

2003-10-17 15:55:01 ET

lol rock on...that would be a killer link-up if i developed that, i bet i'd get promoted

2003-10-17 15:55:02 ET

that would rock so badly.

or would it jazz so badly ?

i'm confused.

2003-10-17 15:56:28 ET

lol eh yes?

2003-10-17 16:00:32 ET

Wow.. you're job rocks. :)

2003-10-17 16:01:39 ET

lol thanks. i like it

2003-10-17 16:20:42 ET

Will you please finish playing Army so you can come back to work and resume the relaxing day to day life of a bandsmen! We keep forgetting where you's sad and when I am actually awake at work, I would like to talk to you sometime...

Listen to Washu's Radio Show on will like it.. NOW! :D

2003-10-17 16:32:21 ET

vasa!!!!! i'm sorry. i miss you! o.k i'll turn it on

2003-10-17 16:39:33 ET


2003-10-17 17:16:29 ET

hmmmm what?

2003-10-17 19:45:54 ET

2003-10-17 19:46:10 ET

and all that jazz!

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