where is the love?
2003-10-18 19:07:57 ET

DAMN people...message me or something...at least get online

2003-10-18 19:31:03 ET

bling bling!

2003-10-18 19:36:32 ET

i stole all the love. just like i stole all the lucky charms and trix. silly man, love is for me.

sorry, i'm really tired.

2003-10-18 20:11:25 ET

youre a friggin crybaby. i talk to you all the time and now you want to whine about the few hours I am actually offline watching a movie. Jeesh, don't they teach you to have balls in the army, or something? =D

2003-10-18 23:44:49 ET

Damn.... lol...

2003-10-19 05:06:57 ET

lol Tina, you kill me...

2003-10-19 05:21:31 ET

Yes yes *Bows* You know you love me. Im a super sexy stud. All hail the tina. =D

ok. forgive that rant of concietedness. =)

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