oh, my achin head
2003-10-20 18:17:57 ET

i am really really sick. ack i think it is the flu. forgive me for not being social these past 2 days. i really feel terrible.

2003-10-20 18:24:13 ET

Get well soon!

2003-10-20 20:01:11 ET

Hope you feel better

2003-10-20 20:20:45 ET

its okay. Get better sweety.

2003-10-21 04:54:24 ET

great now I feel ridiculously guilty. im sorry. on the bright side, i only felt crappy for a few days. on the negitive side, I still have a slight naggy sore throat (it's been a week and a half). But I hope you feel better soon!

If you know of any sitters, let me know. I need one for next weekend.

2003-10-21 08:11:04 ET

lol don't feel guilty...i'm already starting to feel better i think the worst is over

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