2003-10-27 12:36:02 ET

o.k. so i just have a quick schpeal about mel gibson's new movie "Passion of Christ" about the 12 hours on the cross. i think it looks like its going to be a good movie. What is with people not wanting it to be completed because of being concerned that it portrays the jewish peoples were the ones responsible for killing Christ. HELLO...news flash people...Last time i checked the Jewish peoples of that time DID KILL CHRIST!!!!

2003-10-27 13:01:07 ET

AMEN! I think that they are just scared that it's going to open people's eyes, you know, those who don't read the bible and go based on filtered sermons and they are going to have to suffer through more religious and personal oppression.

2003-10-27 18:18:49 ET


2003-10-28 13:39:19 ET

honestly. . . i hate religious movies in general. especially ones that are supposed to be biblical. they always screw something up.. .

2003-10-28 14:38:57 ET

thats true. i guess it could be because they are afraid of offending someone

2003-10-29 15:17:56 ET

1- crucifixion was the Roman method of execution, under Jewish law death would have been by stoning.

2- according to the speech Jesus gave when he was arrested in the garden, whatever happened was supposed to happen- so assigning fault to some earthly party doesn't make sense.

2003-10-29 17:39:58 ET

you are right. that would also be another reason to let the movie go forward.

2003-10-29 17:41:03 ET

i didn't mean that they physically did it. I meant that they were the mob-like crowd. but, you are right.

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