oh my head
2003-11-08 17:58:04 ET

I went to an awesome party last night! Tina (justyne) and her husband Keith (who both rock) had me over to their place and we all got impared! They all made me feel great because they thought it was so cool that I am promotable now. lol Tina and Keith, you two are great! I don't know what i'm going to do not seeing you for a year. I'm gonna lose my damn mind! I love you guys!!!!

2003-11-08 22:32:01 ET


2003-11-09 09:29:56 ET

awww, suge, that's so sweet. You know you're invited over all the time. Makes me feel much better about the party. It turned out kinda shitty. But I am glad you had fun! =D

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