wool over the eyes?
2003-11-10 06:30:34 ET

How is it that you are able to easily see the evil in the world around you, but you are blind to the good in the world and the God from which it comes? It IS written: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock" Rev. 3: 20

2003-11-10 07:56:35 ET

its just the way it is. some people only wanna see the horror then the beauty.

2003-11-10 08:03:54 ET

thats true. some people are obsessed with darkness.

2003-11-10 08:45:53 ET

its kinda sad. that, that is all you want in your life and thats all you are ever gonna get.

2003-11-11 14:57:36 ET

It seems you will find what you look for, so that what a person consistantly finds will tell you much about them.

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