trip like i do
2003-11-11 08:32:55 ET

o.k. i thynk that eye wanna go to elysium thys weykend...
that place rocks

[V] are you down?

2003-11-11 08:34:58 ET

pete, don't spell like a moron please. =D

2003-11-11 08:36:20 ET

i'm not spelling lyke a moron...its unique just lyke me

2003-11-11 08:36:43 ET

plus, Pete's ultra wired on caffene and bored....ULTRA wired

2003-11-11 08:51:03 ET

Grrr I hate stupid spelling. SPELL RIGHT!!!! LOL! I wish I could go with you and [V] But noo I am in hell right now!

2003-11-11 08:53:38 ET

yeah pete. You're a dork.

2003-11-11 10:17:57 ET

petes drunk!!

2003-11-11 13:28:40 ET

i'm NOT A DORK i'm gonna spell like i feel. deal with it and no i'm not drunk

2003-11-11 14:10:56 ET

thats what they all say. ;-P

2003-11-11 14:11:59 ET

lol i'm not a dork... :(

2003-11-11 14:13:32 ET

awww, he's crying.

2003-11-11 14:14:24 ET

good. thats what he gets for never talking to me anymore ;-P (i'm only kidding pete)

2003-11-11 14:14:46 ET

:( you never talk to me either

2003-11-11 14:15:23 ET

thats 'cause your away message is always up and i fiugure your busy.

2003-11-11 14:17:46 ET

woops that IS my fault

2003-11-11 14:18:57 ET

*nod and gives razzberry*

2003-11-11 17:14:42 ET

I was just kidding with the 'deal with it comment' by the way. lol tis all in good fun

2003-11-11 19:11:37 ET


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