academy football
2003-11-11 14:54:26 ET

Go Army Beat Navy

2003-11-11 14:55:03 ET

:: cheers for the army as well ::

2003-11-11 14:58:31 ET

*rawk* no offense navy, gotta cheer for my team. thats all

2003-11-11 15:04:07 ET

:-)... sounds like somethin' that could be the goal in college sports as well as in the military \m/

nah i'm just messin'... i've never been a big college sports fan

2003-11-11 15:09:47 ET

me either unless it was my own team or obviously the army's team

2003-11-11 15:10:59 ET

hahaha :-) that's cool

2003-11-11 16:02:55 ET

gooo coast guard, beat kingspoint!

though.. i don't think they've beat them in a while. one can hope though.

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