o.k. chickys
2003-11-11 18:50:40 ET

Tonal has no sk wife. who's it gonna be?

2003-11-11 18:52:52 ET

me me me me ooh ooh pick me

2003-11-11 18:53:02 ET

hi, by the way i'm kelsie

2003-11-11 18:55:12 ET

lol Hi Kelsie! i thought you already had a small following? why do you wanna be my sk wife?

2003-11-11 18:57:56 ET

small following?

because you seem nice, annnnd you're handsome, annnnd you're in the services and i respect that alot, aaannnd what's your name?

2003-11-11 19:03:17 ET

*blush* lol sweets, didn't you read my bio? Pete

2003-11-11 19:03:41 ET

that is very sweet by the way, Kelsie, thank you.

2003-11-11 19:09:32 ET

hahaha... cute...

2003-11-11 19:14:51 ET


2003-11-11 20:01:07 ET

..Polygamy. Or a harem.

2003-11-12 02:18:10 ET

Ohhh.. sorry.

Hi Pete, I'm Kelsie!


2003-11-12 02:18:11 ET

Ohhh.. sorry.

Hi Pete, I'm Kelsie!


2003-11-12 04:35:49 ET

I will have to decline and here's why:

1. You're the Pete and Im the Tina.

2. You cannot hold your jello shots.

3. You play with a sex everyday.

4. You wear green everyday.

5. You're already leaving clothes at my house and we're not married.

6. We live too close.

7. You're scared of the Keith. (haha, riiiiight)

8. YOURE OLD! =)

9. We've already determined that we make a better brother and sister combo then a lover combo

I just wanted to type that out so you could get a laugh. But hey, look at this way... you're Uncle Petey =D

2003-11-12 05:36:21 ET

:P I want him!

2003-11-12 07:54:36 ET

tina, I'M NOT FRIGGIN OLD!!!!!!!!

2003-11-12 07:55:13 ET

Kelsie, its o.k. :) Hello, back.

2003-11-12 08:02:54 ET

what about me? ;)

2003-11-12 08:03:12 ET

oh just cover up your bald spot, put in your hearing aid, come over here and tell me. Just leave the cane at home. I don't need to get hit with some old man's walker.

and you're right. you're not that old. Chad on the other hand is ancient.

2003-11-12 08:24:37 ET

o.k. you have just nixed youself from the prospect list

2003-11-12 08:42:40 ET

lol, I didnt want to be on it in the first place =p

Youre so much fun to mess with =D

2003-11-12 10:11:00 ET

not funny.

2003-11-12 10:11:03 ET

not funny.

2003-11-12 11:32:28 ET

aww, Im sorry. No hard feelings? *offers glass of captain"

2003-11-12 17:38:24 ET

damnit i'm never gonna win.

2003-11-12 18:55:19 ET

so how bout we focus on my post and not about how old Pete phukin is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2003-11-12 18:56:24 ET

i dont care howold oyu are sweetness.

see! i never mentioned it!! MARRY ME!!

2003-11-12 18:56:56 ET

:) tee hee. awwwww ,Tabby :)

2003-11-12 18:57:20 ET


2003-11-12 18:58:47 ET

alright, Tabbers. you are my sk wife!!!

2003-11-12 18:59:35 ET


2003-11-12 19:00:36 ET

*slips ringpop on your finger*

2003-11-12 19:01:42 ET

what flavor?

2003-11-12 19:03:01 ET

what do you like? i like purple raz personally

2003-11-12 19:03:42 ET

me too! *kiss on cheek*

2003-11-12 19:04:18 ET

:) *blush* does this mean we can hold hands at recess?

2003-11-12 19:05:10 ET

course and you can carry my books!

2003-11-12 19:09:12 ET


2003-11-12 19:12:51 ET


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