2003-11-13 18:17:41 ET

I have been having a lot of stress lately about our pending deployment. Something isn't right with it. I am pretty uneasy about it. I am pretty sure that this impending doom is why I feel bad most of the time. I slept 12 hours the other night and i feel like i haven't slept in days! Anyway, i just thought i'd give you all insight in case i was acting weird. If i am, I hope that explains it.

2003-11-13 18:19:07 ET

Well....about being deployed to Iraq. One of my friends is there now...and he says the good news is there are Brits there that cook Really good food.

2003-11-13 18:24:39 ET

haha. well thats good to know :)

2003-11-13 18:25:04 ET

He's coming back next week.....traded one of his uniforms for a Brits.

2003-11-13 18:25:34 ET

thats really cool

2003-11-13 18:25:42 ET

be safe!

2003-11-13 18:53:29 ET

god speed.

2003-11-13 18:54:49 ET word of advice. If a Scotsman in a brit uniform asks if you want a drink...say no

2003-11-13 18:56:34 ET


2003-11-13 18:57:47 ET

Cause it's moonshine made in a dirt hole that tastes a lot like Gasoline

2003-11-13 18:59:41 ET

I'd have to say that's a really good reason to say no.

2003-11-13 19:35:49 ET

good luck.

2003-11-15 09:21:15 ET

I have my own bad feelings about this too. Luckily they dont involve you though. =) We'll just say I have been dreaming something for coming on 10 years and that's how I predicted Keith's date and length of stay.

Im hoping the best for ya hun. I'll be mailing you porn, liquor and religious materials. Too bad that will all be confiscated. =D

2003-11-15 09:46:21 ET

lol woot!

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