2003-11-14 18:47:03 ET

so i just talked to micahla, i swear, i don't understand that woman. damnit, women, could you just give Pete a break and explain yourselves to us men? and just tell us what you want? I'm asking you, PLEASE!!!!

2003-11-14 18:54:21 ET

the same could be said about you men explaining yourselves too. that'd be fabulous

2003-11-14 19:13:08 ET

Women want chocolate and commitment. Men want sex and beer.

2003-11-14 19:15:15 ET

odd: please don't be offended. i wasn't being mean.

2003-11-14 19:19:28 ET

i hate beer, and sex is over rated.

does this make me not a man?

2003-11-14 19:22:00 ET

Nope. Just a generalized statement aimed at being mildly humorous. I'd rather have whiskey and foreplay.

2003-11-14 19:23:36 ET

w3rd to that

2003-11-14 20:04:10 ET

hah, nah. I wasn't offended in the least. men really and truly are confusing the hell outta me. I wish I understood them better.

2003-11-14 20:28:40 ET

and we wish we could understand the ladies better. hmmm we are both confused... dangit! it really shouldn't be this difficult should it?

2003-11-14 20:32:38 ET

it shouldn't. we should just both come with owner's manuals or something.

2003-11-14 20:41:50 ET

lol i like this girl! You've got it down!

2003-11-14 20:44:02 ET

and in the back, it could have like a dictionary of what we really mean when we say different things

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