mmmmm coffee
2003-11-15 06:45:07 ET

gotta have my starter fluid. 3/4 cup java, 1/4 hot cocoa
repeat this step 4X to propell your Pete to optimum operational tempo

2003-11-15 07:58:07 ET

try putting a tiny tiny speck of cayenne pepper in the grounds as you brew it.

2003-11-15 08:02:05 ET

you wake up dead don't you? geez. wait.. thats kinda, oxymoronish huh? oh well, you get it.. right?

2003-11-15 08:10:17 ET

o.k. i'll try that. yes, i wake up dead, i mean dead is the way i wake up.

2003-11-15 18:36:29 ET

silly pete.

how can you wake up dead? do you go to sleep alive? but then if you dont wake up then how do you wake up dead? can you go to sleep dead? *head explodes*

2003-11-15 18:37:27 ET

lol i had about 7 cups of that today. wooo hooo it was good
i always hate coming down off of a caffene high though, its kindof depressing

2003-11-15 18:44:32 ET

i can drink a whole pot of coffee = 10 cups. i like mine just black or perhaps on some days, with cream and sugar.

2003-11-15 18:45:14 ET

woot woot! you love coffee too?

2003-11-15 18:46:06 ET

mmmm coffee.

2003-11-15 18:49:55 ET

yeah, i spend most of my money on coffee, tea, and soda throughout the day. mmm...mountain dew code red. makes my tongue look bloody

2003-11-15 18:50:33 ET

thats awesome! i spend loads on coffee too

2003-11-15 18:52:29 ET

if i had money. i'd buy starbucks.

when i had money i spent it on starbucks, cds, clothes, and other.

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